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Welcome to Support Pages


Support Pages is web site which containns documentation about using and managing your site through CPanel. The main aim of this site is to give answers to the frequently asked questions and to save you a lot of time. When you have troubleshoots or questions and you can't find the solution this is the first place to search. It is not necessary to read the countless books or asking people about how to do something. These pages are created for new and advanced users and covers a lot of questioins. When have query you can find its answer in our different sections. If you have more questions and suggestions about this site e-mail us.


Site contents


This site is designet only for your help and convenience. We have divided the information to different categories. The first category is for people who don't have account in CPanel and want to know the basic questions like creating web sites, using web hosting, registering domain names etc. The Advanced FAQ's section contains more than 30 interactive tutorials of the functions which CPanel offers. They are for users with CPanel accounts only. The third category - Ways of Payment - explains how you can use our services and shows different ways of payment. You can choose the most convenient for you. If you have still any questions you can ask our support team using our Technical Support Form. Our site contains the official CPanel Documentation also. It is for users who want to learn more about it and to use it as experts. If you want to log in to your CPanel account you can do it from members' access.



22 June - the site is ready and we will see how it will go on.


20 June - the site is almost done but there are few scripts that should be removed to work properly










mail: nospam0708@communicera.nu phone: 070 - 227 21 01.


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